Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hate List by Jenifer Brown

Valerie and her boyfriend Nick create a list. A list of people they hate. The Hate List. Valerie believes the list is made to just vent out some anger, but Nick is very serious about it. Nick brings a gun to school and starts picking people off of the Hate List. Nick then shoots himself. Valerie wakes up in the hospital and greeted by blame and hatred. Valerie goes back to school and tries to cope with the loss of her boyfriend, loss of her friends, and quite possibly the loss of her sanity. Will she survive or will succumb to sadness piling up on her?

All of my friends and teachers kept telling me to read Hate List. I kept putting it off because I really didn't want to read a story about a school shooting. But eventually I succumbed to the recommendations and read it. When I finished reading it, I realized it wasn't a story about a school shooting. I was a story about recovering and healing and facing your fears. Valerie's story struck a chord in me because of her insecurities. Her insecurities made her feel like a real person. More real than any other character has felt to me. Her story was and is very lovable. Jennifer Brown will leave a mark on your heart with this book. I will give Hate List 5 stars because of the realistic feel Jennifer Brown gives her characters.

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