Thursday, August 21, 2014

Croak by Gina Damico

Lex is supposed to be a good girl but she is behaving wildly. So parents ship her off to live in upstate New York with her Uncle Mort. They hope that a few months of hard and dirty farm work will whip her into shape. But Uncle Mort is no ordinary farmer. He is a Grim Reaper, and Lex is his new apprentice. Lex soon adapts to the town of Croak but she desires justice for murderers. Will Lex leave her Uncle to destroy these murderers?

I found Croak interesting because of the idea that juvenile delinquents are harvesting your soul. I found the idea very ironic because most people wouldn't trust juvenile delinquents with anything, much less their souls. I also really enjoyed the plot of the book. Gina Damico has managed to skillfully add shocking twists into the story. Twists that make you want to keep reading. I would give it 4 stars.

Here is the Goodreads link for Croak:

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