Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Mute Anklet by: Radhika Nathan

It is the 1790s and the third Anglo-Mysore war is about to reach its climax. Uma Brooke, a beautiful girl in the charge of the maharajah of Madurai, is having a conflict of her own. The maharajah wants her to marry Captain Trevelyan of the British Army, who was a few weeks ago attacking Madurai. Uma does not want hurt her guardian but she cannot imagine a future with a Briton. Captain Trevelyan on the other hand is indifferent of the marriage, accepting it as a peace offering after losing the war. On top of that, Uma personal affects keep getting broken into, which soon morphs into targeted attacks. Will Uma and Captain Trevelyan's relationship survive or will it fall apart because of verbal assaults and prejudices?

The Mute Anklet is historical fiction. In the past I have had bad experiences with historical fiction, so I was a bit apprehensive to read The Mute Anklet. I thought I would get bored halfway through it. Turns out, I was wrong. I couldn't stop reading. The reason I kept reading was to see how the relationship between Uma and Captain Trevelyan would turn out because they complemented each other perfectly but didn't realize that or couldn't look past their prejudice to see that they were perfect for each other. I liked that I learned something by reading The Mute Anklet. I would give it 4 stars. 

Here is the Goodreads link for The Mute Anklet:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Books Read 5/10/14 - 11/10/14

During the day Vivienne is Lady Guinevere's lady in waiting, and during the night she is Merlin's secret apprentice. Will she be found out? 3 stars. Camelot Burning (A Metal & Lace Novel)

A story of hard choices... 5 stars. If I Stay

Uma's guardian wants her to marry Aston Trevelyan, a man who Uma believes is attacking her country. 4 stars. My Review THE MUTE ANKLET

They are back in an amazing freakquel! 4 stars. SuperFreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jobless Clueless Reckless by: Revathi Suresh

Kavya is comfortable with her name. Her brother's name? Not so much. She is mortified of her address: 708, Kansas, Grand Canyon, Banglore, India. She has friends that believe she is a vampire, (at best). Sure, Kavya has issues. But the ones mentioned earlier are the least of them. Her mother is trying to cut them off from society in general. Her father is trying to cut himself off from her, her brother, and mother. She has board exams, and she hasn't studied, at all. Can she just start her life over again?

I started reading Jobless Clueless Reckless and I was shocked. *Eyes pop out of skull, chin hits the floor* I was shocked because of the way it was written. The language, the texting type of writing. and the sentence structure do not in any way seem like something Revathi Suresh would write, (I say this because I do know her and you do not expect this kind of writing from her). After I recovered from that shock I found the book to be good. Which is to say average, not too mind-blowing. I think that the back cover or the blurb hyped up  the entire story a bit too much, which made me expect certain things in the book, but my expectations were never realized. Another issue that I had was that the book was a bit hard to follow, in the beginning mostly, but there were certain times later on when I felt a bit lost. I would give Jobless Clueless Reckless 3 stars.

Here is the Goodreads link for Jobless Clueless Reckless

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Books Read 28/9/2014 - 4/10/2014

Bilbo Baggins' nephew, Frodo Baggins, begins his adventure following in Bilbo steps. Frodo has the ring that will give Sauron the power to destroy all of Middle-Earth. 3 stars. The Fellowship of the Ring: Being the First Part of The Lord of the Rings

It has been a year since Septimus Heap discovered his real family. But things are wrong left and right. Marcia is followed by a Darke Shadow, Simon wants revenge, and Jenna is kidnapped. 2 stars. Flyte (Septimus Heap, Book 2)

Savannah has spent her entire life around, and when she gets the opportunity to become a horse jockey, she takes it. But she keeps getting sidetracked by Jack. 3 stars. Racing Savannah

Legally Blonde meets The Terminator. 4 stars. Rebel Belle

Before Gray Weathersby made his surprising discovery, Bree came of age in Saltwater and made her own discoveries. 3 stars.  Stolen: A Novella (Taken)

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Maze Runner: Book to Movie

So, finally, The Maze Runner movie, the one that dystopian bookworms have been waiting for, has been released. And since I am one of those dystopian bookworms, I feel an obligation to put out my criticisms of the movie as in comparison of the book. Here it goes: The movie was surprisingly well made. It captured their lifestyle and the characters pretty well, except maybe Chuck who I had always imagined as a skinny, sort of underfed, twelve year-old. I missed the almost brotherly relationship that Chuck and Thomas have in the book. In the movie this relationship was not depicted to the extent that it is shown to you in the book. Another thing that I missed was the typical glader vocabulary. "Skank" and"Greenie" were used but not that often. "Shuck face" unfortunately never made it into the dialogue. The Glade was far more immense than I had imagined or even preferred. The Grievers were completely off. But considering the fact that it would be very hard to build the slimy green spiked monsters, most of us imagined, with today's technology, I will let it go. Which brings me to my next point. The Maze. The Maze was supposed to be crumbly and on the verge of falling apart. In the movie it was not so. The entrance to the Grievers "home" was not described the way it was depicted. But once again I believe that was because of the technological limitations. Last but not least: The Code. This was the one thing I hated about the movie the most. They changed it. It was too easy in my opinion for Thomas and company to crack the code in the movie. In the book it took them some time.Which in turn brings me to an itty-bitty detail that I really wanted them to include, the everyday recording of the maze runners.
Signing off: Book to movie rant.

Here is the Goodreads link for The Maze Runner:

Here is the IMDb link for The Maze Runner:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Books Read 21/9/14 - 27/9/14

Willem wakes up in the hospital with only one thought in his head: He has to find a girl named Lulu. Willem travels the world searching for Lulu but Lulu remains elusive. Will he ever find her? 4 stars. Just One Year
The final chapter in Willem and Allyson's story. 4 stars. Just One Night
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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Last Best Kiss by: Claire LaZebnik

Anna Eliot made a mistake. A mistake that caused her to lose a guy that she really liked. Finn. Three years later, Finn is back. But he hasn't forgotten how Anna treated him and he now wants nothing to do with her. Anna tries to persuade herself that she has no feelings for Finn, but they have both changed in the last three years. Deep down Anna knows, she just knows, that Finn the guy for her. Now all she has to do is convince him to give her a second chance. Will she be successful?
The Last Best Kiss was a good book overall, but it wasn't too exciting. There were no, "Ah, the plot thickens," moments nor were there any twists. In my opinion the book was entirely predictable. The only reason that I like it was because of the way Claire LaZebnik created her characters. All the characters in The Last Best Kiss have some quirk to them. I enjoyed her addition of these quirks because it made the characters feel a tiny bit more realistic. I would give The Last Best Kiss 3 stars.

Here is the Goodreads link for The Last Best Kiss:

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