Thursday, May 7, 2015

The 5th Wave by: Rick Yancy

The 1st wave: Light's Out. After it only darkness remains. The 2nd wave: Surf's Up. Only the lucky ones escape the 2nd wave. The 3rd wave: The Pestilence. The unlucky ones are the ones that survive it. The 4th wave: The Silencers. After it only one rule applies: trust no one and you'll stay alive. It's the dawn of the 5th wave and Cassie is running from Them. She knows that trusting someone means death because They look human but They aren't. Cassies believes that staying alone is staying alive, until she meets Evan Walker. Evan might be Cassie's only hope but is she ready to risk her life and trust him?

The 5th Wave had caught my eye almost 2 years ago. It looked very interesting and I wanted to read it but I was reading so many other books that I didn't have the time to grab The 5th Wave. I finally had time to get and read it. It was a great read. Rick Yancy is a really good writer, the writing gods have really gifted him. He knows how to create characters that are so complex and three-dimensional that they stop existing as characters in your mind and turn into real people. I particularly liked the way Rick Yancy told the story from multiple POVs (points of view) while making sure they were connected to each other through this small thread. I would give The 5th Wave 4 stars.

Side Note: I think that The 5th Wave and its coming sequels would make an amazing action flick series!

Here is the Goodreads for The 5th Wave: 

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