Thursday, May 14, 2015

Books vs. Movies

My cousin and I were just having a conversation when the topic of WhatsApp statuses came up. My status at the time was, "'Books are uniquely portable magic.'~Stephen King." Our conversation went as follows:
Chinmay a.k.a. my cousin (C): I don't read books much anyways. I'd replace books with movies.
Me (M): Books are better because it's a unique experience for each person.
C: I feel the same about good movies. It gets you thinking.
M: Yes, but you and I see the same thing on the screen. In a book you don't, you make it up.
C: But... The perspectives are totally different for two diferent individuals.
M: So I may focus on details such as color while you focus on say texture.
C: Yes... You may appreciate art present in the scene while I may appreciate the screenplay or the background score of the scene.
M: But that applies to books too, but in books you get the added bonus of focusing on different details which entails a completely different experience. Right but the images remain the same for both of us.
C: So similarly the words and sentences remain the same for anyone who reads a book.
M: Yes, but interpretations change, not because of perspective but because of context; that doesn't happen when you watch movies.
C: Similarly interpretations change for good movies having different layers in the script.

The conversation ended with me say that I saw the point he was trying to make even though I didn't agree. We both agreed that they are both great art forms and should be used for learning as entertainment.

Now you are probably wondering why I shared this with you. The reason is I want to know what you think! Comment below with your opinions, thoughts and anything else you want to add.

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