Monday, May 25, 2015

Books Read 3/5/15 - 9/5/15

Saba has always followed in her twin brother Lugh's footsteps, so when four cloaked men kidnap Lugh, she follows trying to save him. Soon she is forced to team up with Jack and the Free Hawks a group of revolutionaries. As she does she realizes she has the power to take down a corrupt society from the inside. 4 stars.

When Brontë starts dating Bruiser, her twin Tennyson isn't surprised but unnatural thing start happening, bruises disappear, scrapes heal too fast, and it seems like their good fortune but it may be more than they bargained for. 4 stars. 

Princess Sylvi is bound to her pegasus Ebon on her twelfth birthday, for a thousand years before them the pegasi and humans have lived safely because of their inability to communicate without the help of magicians and shamans. Ebon and Sylvi can talk. Will their friendship destroy the peace between the nations? 2 stars.

Grace moves and starts seeing monsters and a girl who looks exactly like her who fights them. Gretchen is tired of battling monsters and her mentor has disappeared. Greer has a very busy social and she doesn't have any time for joining the triplets on her doorstep. The three teen descendants of Medusa must unite to fight monsters that only they see. 4 stars.

Avery's new found family is part of a powerful group of families called the Circle. They can easily start a war or shut down Prada on their whim. They believe that Avery is the key to an ancient prophecy. Some of them want to use her, others want her dead. But the prophecy might not be what it seems and Avery must unravel the mysteries behind it. 4 stars.
Note: If you would like a detailed review of any of these books, please comment and I will get it posted as soon as possible.

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