Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Enemy by: Charlie Higson

After a devastating disease swept the world, everyone sixteen or older is either dead, or a brainless flesh-eating creature. The kids who survive have barricaded themselves inside buildings and only go outside to scavenge for food. The kids who live in the Waitrose supermarket know their options are running out. When a mysterious stranger arrives, offering them a safe haven at Buckingham Palace, they begin their journey towards it. But the real danger might be in the palace not outside.

I recently found a love for zombies. I discovered that it was a pretty easy transition from criminal TV shows and stories. Which is I have taken to reading zombie books. One of my friends had this book when I saw it for the first time. I asked to read it (I might have stolen it) since it seemed like an interesting read. My guess was correct. It was great! The reason it was great was because of how different it was from other zombie books. In The Enemy no character is safe. Any character, main or not, can die. In all the other zombie stories you have a set of characters who you know are going die, and a set of characters who have been created with the intention of being eaten. This brought into the book a new kind of suspense which kept you wanting to continue reading so that you could see if your favorite character made it. Another things that I liked about The Enemy was how Charlie Higson did not limit himself to the point of view of only one character, I would give The Enemy 4 stars.

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