Thursday, March 12, 2015

Private India by: James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi

Seemingly unconnected people are dying in Mumbai. They are strangled to death and their bodies are left with strange objects arranged around them. Santosh Wagh, the head of Private India, has his work cut out for him. He is racing against time to stop the killer but it isn't easy. He is battling against Mumbai's biggest gang lord, as well as a not so godly god-man. On top of this, there might be a terrorist attack on Private India, that will destroy Private as well as thousands of innocent Mumbai citizens.

There were three reasons to why I picked up Private India. They were: 1) It is written by James Patterson, 2) It's setting is India, and lastly 3) It is a crime thriller. As I have said earlier, I am a huge fan of criminal TV shows. I am also a fan of James Patterson, ever since I Confessions of A Murder Suspect, I have been trying to get my hands on any book that he has written. So, finding Private India was amazing. It was, as expected, incredibly well written, leaving you guessing until the very end. I thought I knew who the murderer was, but then there would be a little piece of information which would change my view completely. I would give Private India 4 stars.

Here is the Goodreads link for Private India:

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