Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Lost Sun by: Tessa Gratton

Soren Bearskin has spent his whole life trying to escape the past. His father was berserker, and he killed thirteen innocent people. Soren knows that berserking is in blood, he has the symptoms. He tries to remain detached from everybody but that is extremely hard when a beautiful, and popular girl like Astrid Glyn tells him she has dreams about him. Astrid is the daughter of a renowned prophetess and her abilities are also developing. On top of all this, Baldur the son of Odin disappears and Astrid knows where he is. She convinces Soren to come with her on a road trip to find him. A magical journey, where they learn more about themselves, their parents, and what they are told they have to be.

The Lost Sun integrates the United States of America (in the future), with Norse-mythology. I liked the idea and way it was merged, but my ignorance of Norse-mythology deeply affected my complete understanding of the book. The plot while interesting and filled with discoveries was a bit slow  moving for my taste. The conclusion however was extremely surprising and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I would like to give it 2.5 stars but Goodreads won't accept it so, I will give it 3 stars.

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