Thursday, January 22, 2015

Honorary Tiger: The Life of Billy- Arjan Singh by: Duff Hart-Davis

This is the story of Billy Arjan Singh, one of the world's foremost conservationists. He has worked to increase the population of cats in India. He lived alone with his tigers and leopards. Billy Arjan Singh had spent the last fifty years battling bureaucracy and corruption to fight for the wildlife in India. He recently received the J. Paul Getty Wildlife Conservation award while in his eighties. This is one incredible story of a very determined man. 

I was a bit hesitant when picking up Honorary Tiger: The Life of Billy Arjan Singh because I generally don't read non-fiction. I expected it to be a bit boring. I was right; partially. I found out that I enjoyed the parts that talked about the work Billy Arjan Singh did. I found the history of his family a bit boring. I was amazed at the amount of time, money and love that Billy Arjan Singh invested into his cats. I was surprised to learn that Billy Arjan Singh was gun-crazy as a child and that he shot anything that moved including a tiger or two. Another reason I that I enjoyed Honorary Tiger: The Life of Billy Arjan Singh was because it showed me that very ordinary people can do extra-ordinary things. I would give it 4 stars.

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