Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vesper by: Jeff Sampson

Emily Webb is a geek and she is quite content that way. She doesn't get into fights, flirt with other girls' boyfriends, or sneak out for midnight parties. But then one night she finds herself doing just that. On top of that Emily doesn't know why she is doing any of this. During the day she is the same old geeky Emily but during the night she turns into a thrill seeker. Every night she gets wilder and wilder until it's not just Emily's personality that is changing. She is becoming stronger, faster, and fearless. Emily realizes that she might not just be coming out her shell, something much bigger might be going on.

When I started reading Vesper I was confused. But it was a good kind of confusion. I was confused because Emily was confused. Jeff Sampson managed to convey the situation and the Emily's feelings very well which caused me to experience things alongside Emily. Jeff Sampson also wrote Emily's "transformation" from nerd to popular girl very well, while he conveyed her bewilderment, discomfort, and fear on this "transformation." Overall I enjoyed the book and want to read the next book in the series. I would give Vesper 4 stars.

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