Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Wave by: Todd Strasser

The Wave is a story about a history class learning about Nazi Germany. The students in the class have questions, “Why did people follow HItler?” Another one is, “How did they not know it was bad?” Unable to answer these questions their teacher Mr, Ben Ross begins an experiment to explain. He starts by teaching them: STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE. The students accept the motto and follow the disciplines. The next day the students are still following his disciplines. Mr. Ross decides to continue the experiment by adding two more slogans: STRENGTH THROUGH COMMUNITY and STRENGTH THROUGH ACTION. Using these slogans Mr. Ross creates a group, The Wave. Soon the Wave starts taking over the school and it is up to Laurie Sanders to stop it. 
When I read the synopsis for The Wave I expected a very horrible and gory story. I was very disappointed when I read The Wave. I would have really liked it if it had a little more goriness to it. I felt like the writing was kind of timid. I also think the the author ended it too quickly. Almost like he was tired of writing so he just wrote two chapters and BOOM, the book has ended. One star, just for the effort the author made in writing the book.

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