Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Allegiant by: Veronica Roth

There has been a lot of hype about this book. People have been waiting for a long time to read Allegiant. To read the thrilling conclusion to the Divergent series. They have been waiting to see what Veronica Roth cooks up in her conclusion of the story. Does she put in a beautifully crafted twist or does she surprise everybody by ending it like a fairy tale? Will she change her mind about ending the story and end on a cliffhanger like The Mark of Athena? These were a few questions I had in mind as I cracked Allegiant open. I was ready for it to be amazing, for it to blow my mind. But as I was going in I was going in with a bit of sadness, sadness for the fact that the story was probably going to end. I was not disappointed when I started reading . As usual Veronica Roth had started the book as if 539 days hadn’t passed in between the books. As I read the first chapter I got more and more excited because she had dived right in. Then I got to the second chapter and freaked out. The second chapter’s perspective was Four’s/Tobias’. I really liked the switch because it quenched the thirst that I had for Four’s/Tobias’ perspective after reading Divergent, Insurgent, and Free Four. The rest of the book was great of course. It was fast-paced, filled with shocking discovery after another, and was action packed. But Veronica Roth, being the author she is, put in an unbelievable twist. Its shocking. It will shock you. When I read it, I didn’t believe it. But then I had to believe it I had no choice. It was just scandalous, if I may. I will give her props though, for having the guts to do what she did. Five stars, the fifth star for having the guts, for “being brave.”

Here is the Goodreads link for Allegiant:

Note: The reason for this book not having a blurb or summary is that Allegiant is the third book in a series and I do not want to spoil the first two books for people who haven't read them yet.

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