Thursday, February 18, 2016

Red Queen by: VIctoria Aveyard

The world is divided, Red or Silver. It is divided by the color of your blood. The color of your blood controls everything, your status, your lifestyle, everything. The Reds are commoners but the Silvers are the elite ruling class with godlike superpowers. Mare Barrow resents this. She hates being at the bottom, and more than that she hates the Silvers, but when she has the chance to work at the Silver Palace it is an offer she can't refuse. It is there, Mare discovers something about herself, she too possesses an extraordinary power, despite the fact that she bleeds red.

The Silvers becoming afraid of what she can do, hide her in the palace itself claiming her to be a long lost Silver princess. They engage her to a prince and put her in the center of a deadly court of Silvers ruled by a devious king. Mare knows that one misstep will lead to her death yet she communicates with the Red Guard, a group of rebels, to help bring down the Silvers. But this is a world of liars, oath-breakers, and power hungry yet over powerful people, will Mare be able to survive in an environment of deceit?

Red Queen was a thrilling read from beginning to end. Once I started reading it, I could not stop reading it. The plot was fast paced and kept moving whether you were ready or not. It was filled with secret keepers, tension, and sneaky maneuvers. The plot only got better as the book went on until the climax where Victoria Aveyard proved her writing skills by putting in a twist that was absolutely amazing.

I liked the main character, Mare Barrow, she was pretty feisty and stood for what was right. The other characters were pretty well developed and helped make the story come to life. Considering the fact that this book is set in a castle with a devious king and other royalty and dirty politics there were never too many characters to keep track of.

I found the divisions of society into Red and Silver very intriguing not only in the societal sense but even biologically. I really want to learn more about how these divisions came to be as well as the powers as I read the next book. All in all I would give Red Queen 4 stars.

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