Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sweet Venom by: Tera Lynn Childs

Grace has just moved to San Francisco. She can communicate with computers better than she can with boys. She's out one day exploring the city with her brother and his friend when a monster shows up at the same restaurant as them. With the monster comes a girl that looks exactly like her. Grace's look alike battles the monster, killing him and leaving Grace wondering who this mysterious girl is.

Gretchen has no family and never has had a family, her mentor is the closest thing to a family. Her mentor is missing. Gretchen has learned how to fight monsters from her mentor and now that more and more monsters are showing up around the city she has some questions but she has no one to ask them to. As Gretchen is fighting yet another monster she sees a girl who looks just like her. Gretchen works out with the help of the mystery girl whose name is Grace that they are two of the three triplet descendants of Medusa.

Greer is from a super wealthy family and has a jam packed social schedule. She has no time for the joining her two triplets in their monster fighting mission. Will she change her mind and help them save the world from monsters? Can Grace and Gretchen do it without her?

Alright! Sweet Venom, a title that intrigued me way more than the blurb did. I wanted to read Sweet Venom for a really, really long time, but I either couldn't get my hands on it or I didn't have the time to read it. It was well worth the wait and I read all three books in the series back to back to back which means that I didn't have to wait for the next book to be released (*fist pump* Win for me!).

Let's have a quick rundown: Young Adult Fantasy? Check. Butt-kicking characters? Check. Cute guys? Check. Greek Mythology? Check. Plot that grabs you and doesn't let go? Check.

I think every Young Adult  Fantasy book needs to have a character that kicks some butt and shows the world that anything possible because it make the reader feel like they can do too. Not only should this character kick butt but the character should also be well-rounded. Gretchen is both. She shows those monsters who's boss but she also is a real person and has insecurities and fears and weaknesses like all of us which makes her come alive. In fact the other triplets were also very well developed and well-rounded. They each acted a certain way and the origins of these actions can be traced back to the characters' pasts. I do have a complaint though, while the triplets are very well developed, their love interests are not developed as well nor do you know much about them (you don't realize it in the first book but if you read the next two you'll see what I mean).

Another reason I liked this book was because it is the only Greek Mythology book that I have read which doesn't assimilate mythology by taking the usual routes of: descendants of the gods, Scions of the gods or even the god living in the modern world. These triplets are the descendants of Medusa. Yep, the look into her eyes and be turned into stone, Medusa. Everyone considers Medusa to be a villain and here is Tera Lynn Childs showing us the other side of the story.

I would give Sweet Venom 4 stars and I would recommend it you if you are a Young Adult Fantasy fan. If you are a Young Adult Fantasy Greek Mythology aficionado then this is a book that you must read.

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