Monday, June 8, 2015

Books Read 10/5/15 - 16/5/15

Beka Cooper is not a Puppy anymore, she's a Dog. But things aren't going well, there's counterfeits out in the markets, merchants are raising their prices, and that's not good with the coming winter. Beka and her mentor Goodwin have to undercover but is Beka up to the job? 3 stars.

Nimira is a music hall performer who is forced to perform in front of a bunch of leering drunks. Hollin Parry hires her to accompany a piano playing automaton. There's secrets in the air, a mad woman roams Parry's house and a fairy might be trapped in the automaton. 2 stars.

Two sisters who will do anything in order to protect each other. Annie can't see the present but she can see the future. Fia can never do the wrong thing, her instincts are perfect. When the sisters are offered a place at an elite boarding school, they agree. This is no ordinary school as Fia realizes, this school does everything from choose stocks to plant bombs. They stole her past. They control her present. She's going to take control of her future. 3 stars.

Laurel is normal, normal until a flower blooms out of her back. Now Laurel has to race against time to save her family, the lives of hundreds of fairies and herself. 3 stars.

Kyra has never questioned the fact that she has twenty siblings and her father has three wives. On the other Kyra has secretly been visiting the Mobile Library on Wheels to read books other than the Bible and meeting with Joshua the boy she wants to choose rather than having someone choose one. Kyra has to make a tough choice when she is chosen for her uncle, one who already has six wives. Herself or her family? 4 stars.
Note: If you would like a detailed review of any of these books, please comment and I will get it posted as soon as possible

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