Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pretty Little Liars by: Sara Shepard

Three years ago, Allison mysteriously disappeared after a slumber party, and hasn't been seen since. Her friends mourned her, but also breathed secret sighs of relief because each of them guarded a secret that only Allison knew, and with her gone their secrets were safe. Now they have even bigger secrets that destroy them in the gossip hungry world that thy live in. When they begin receiving anonymous emails and texts hinting at their secrets they begin to panic. Are they being betrayed by someone in their circle? Or worse, is Allison back?

I, unfortunately, judged Pretty Little Liars by it's cover as well as the people who read it, and I apologize for doing so. Because I not only missed the opportunity of reading an amazing book earlier as well as created opinions about people that were very misinformed and misconceived. I thought that Pretty Little Liars would be the sob story of two or three privileged teenage girls who didn't get what they want and therefore lie. Boy, I was wrong. Pretty Little Liars turned out to be a mystery, which drew me in and never let go. I was and am hooked. Sara Shepard's writing is amazing, she knows how to keep the suspense going without making it repetitive and boring. I loved how divide and conquer has been applied in the book to keep the Liars in line. A small warning before you read it, it ends with a major cliffhanger, which goes to show Sara Shepard's writing skills. I would give Pretty Little Liars 5 stars.

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