Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Last Best Kiss by: Claire LaZebnik

Anna Eliot made a mistake. A mistake that caused her to lose a guy that she really liked. Finn. Three years later, Finn is back. But he hasn't forgotten how Anna treated him and he now wants nothing to do with her. Anna tries to persuade herself that she has no feelings for Finn, but they have both changed in the last three years. Deep down Anna knows, she just knows, that Finn the guy for her. Now all she has to do is convince him to give her a second chance. Will she be successful?
The Last Best Kiss was a good book overall, but it wasn't too exciting. There were no, "Ah, the plot thickens," moments nor were there any twists. In my opinion the book was entirely predictable. The only reason that I like it was because of the way Claire LaZebnik created her characters. All the characters in The Last Best Kiss have some quirk to them. I enjoyed her addition of these quirks because it made the characters feel a tiny bit more realistic. I would give The Last Best Kiss 3 stars.

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