Thursday, September 4, 2014

Catching Jordan by: Miranda Kenneally

Jordan Woods is surrounded by gorgeous jocks day in and day out. But that is of no concern to her because she leads them as the quarterback of her high school football team. They consider her one of the guys and she embraces it. All she wants is a scholarship to one of the best football universities in the nation. But then Ty Green moves to her school. Ty is a very good quarterback but he also a distraction. Can Jordan make it through the year without screwing her dreams up? 

I really enjoyed Catching Jordan because of how unusual the topic is. It is about a girl quarterback. Miranda Kenneally has written a great book that brings to life women empowerment. If you told just anyone about a girl quarterback most of them would be shocked. It wouldn't occur to them that girls can play boy sports. All girls don't have to be cheerleaders. I also liked i because it is basically the pinnacle of badass. Miranda Kenneally infused tidbits about how football is played which I liked because I am not a huge football fan and don't know how the game is played. I would give Catching Jordan 4 stars because of its topic.

Here is the Goodreads link for Catching Jordan:


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