Thursday, March 6, 2014

Unwind by: Neal Shusterman

Unwind is the story of Connor, a boy who has been sent to be unwound because he gets into too many fights; Risa a ward of the state who doesn't make the cut and is sent to be unwound; and Lev a tithe. Lev is being sent to be unwound because his family believes they should give 10% of everything to God. Lev is their 10th child and therefore the 10% that needs to be given to God. Connor uses Lev as a human shield to escape while Risa uses the commotion caused by Connor and Lev to escape as well. The three form and iffy alliance to escaped the unwinding process. Will they avoid capture with support from each other or will they be unwound?

The first time I heard about Unwind I was skeptical. People taking kids apart to use their "parts?" I didn't think it would be a very interesting book in terms of how interesting the plot would be. I was definitely surprised at how it sucked me in. My favorite and least favorite thing about the book was how short the chapters were. I liked it because it made you want to keep reading. I didn'tlike the shortness of the chapters because couldn't tell myself "one more chapter" and procrastinate longer. I would give Unwind 5 stars because of it's awesome plot. 

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